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Sports Photography

Playing a great game can be exciting and rewarding.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to remember those special events by?  There’s nothing like looking back at your child’s first T-ball game, first homerun or even your husband celebrating a Hole-In-One and what better way to do so than by a photograph.

A Sports Photographer can help you keep those cherished accomplishments alive by being there when those moments happen, providing you with the imagery from those special moments in time.

As an experienced Orange County sports photographer, Carol Bridges can provide you with visual photography keepsakes of those memorable pieces of time that you do not want to forget, and will be happy to handle all of your sports photo needs.  Treasured Moments Photography will follow you to your favorite Orange County event and even photograph you on the golf course, putting, driving, or even chipping your way to success. – Added “even” so that people wouldn’t think she only did golf.  Remember, basically all people are stupid.

If live images of your sporting and gaming events weren’t enough, Treasured Moments Photography also offers portraitures which are hand painted on a computer and then printed directly to canvas.  Imagine yourself immortalized in a portraiture driving the perfect ball down the green or perfecting your butterfly stroke in the swimming pool, Treasured Moments Photography can make it happen.

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