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Frequently Asked Orange County Photographer Questions


To get answers to all your questions please view our frequently asked questions below or feel free to submit your own Orange County Photography question. Orange County Photographer Carol Bridges personally answers the questions you submit.

As an Orange County professional photographer, what would you recommend my family wear for our family portrait?

When deciding what to wear for family portraits keep in mind where you plan on displaying your portrait. Is it going to be in a formal room or a more casual room? That will determine what type of clothing to wear. Also keep in mind the colors in that room. You don’t want to wear colors that will clash with the colors of that room.

If you’re having a portrait made at the beach or a park, the best colors to wear are neutrals such as browns, beige, white and black. Solids are always better than prints. You do not want to take anything away from the subjects –YOU! I always suggest that anyone over the age of 25 wear sleeves. Unless of course you are doing a commercial for a fitness magazine!!!

I would like to get new head shots for my company. As an Orange County professional photographer, what would you recommend I wear when you take my head shots?

It really depends on how you want to portray yourself to your clients. Are you a more casual type of person or does your profession require more formal business attire? It just depends on your personality and how you want your clients to view you. Solids are best and sleeves on your shirts are always a must unless you are a fitness advisor!

I am interested in having professional photographs taken of my new baby. As a professional photographer, what would you suggest to ensure the photographs of my newborn are perfect?

Most people hope that when they get to the studio, their babies will wake up in time for the sitting. I suggest that if your baby is asleep when you arrive, leave them sleeping. Photographing a newborn sleeping is much easier when trying to do close ups of the baby’s hands and feet. As a photographer, it is great to start there and then move on to the other types of photos once your baby wakes up. And be sure to allow enough time in your sitting for feeding and changing diapers and count on little mishaps.

As a professional pregnancy photographer, what type of clothing would you suggest I wear to best show off my pregnancy?

If you husband wears dress shirts to work it is always great to bring one to wear. It shows off your baby tummy really nicely without being too much. You might like to wear a cute flowing skirt and crop top. If you husband is going to join in the portrait sitting he should wear solid colors and preferably black or white or something neutral. If you know if your baby is a boy or girl, let us know so that we can include some appropriate colored flowers or stuffed animals in your sitting.

I am looking for an Orange County wedding photographer that can also handle engagement photographs. Do you offer an engagement photography package?

Yes. Whether you want a classic portrait for an engagement announcement or more candid shots for your wedding Web site or invitations, Treasured Moments Photography can work with you to create the perfect engagement photo or album to fit your style and personality.

What types of services do you provide as a Southern California wedding photographer?

As a southern California wedding photographer, I have helped dozens of brides capture their perfect day. From the walk down the aisle to your first dance as husband and wife, Treasured Moments Photography can capture the magic of your wedding and your love. From traditional posed photos to more candid, photojournalistic styles, we will work with you to create a romantic and timeless wedding album that perfectly fits your budget and style.

I am looking for an Orange County professional photographer that can provide both pregnancy photography services as well as baby photography services. Do you specialize in both pregnancy portraits and baby portraits?

Having a baby is a miraculous journey. And although words cannot express the love you already feel for the life growing inside your changing body, a photograph of this special time can help capture your joy and anticipation. From pregnancy through infancy, our Once Upon a Lifetime package lets you create memories of your pregnancy and your first several months as a new parent.

I am looking for a child’s professional photographer. Do you provide child photography services?

Yes. Treasured Moments Photography can help you capture the youth and innocence of your children as they grow from toddlers to teenagers. We work with children of all ages and can create lasting memories of your child’s first year as well as each year after.

My company is in need of professional business pictures. What type of professional photography services to you offer for businesses?

From elegant head shots to photographs of your corporate event, Treasured Moments Photography can help you create the image you need for your business cards, Web site or printed pieces. No matter what your needs, we will work with you to develop a portfolio that can enhance your career or business and can help you put your best face forward.

It’s been years since I have had a family portrait taken. As an Orange County professional photographer, what type of family photography packages do you offer?

Whether you’ve added a new bundle of joy to your family or want an up-to-date portrait of you closest loved ones, Treasured Moments Photography can create a timeless keepsake you can treasure for a lifetime. No matter your family’s size or budget, we can work with you to develop a photography package that will allow you to capture this special time in your family’s life.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me today for any of your professional photography needs at 949.589.5311 or


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