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I have always been interested in photography. I started with nature photography in the 1990's. I sold my prints and nature photo greeting cards in coffeehouses and any other venues I could find. There is great solace and spiritual inspiration in being able to sit in a meadow at sunrise watching the deer graze. You can watch as the call of a wolf alerts them, they stand, ears erect, statue still and then you see them gracefully leap into the protection of the nearby woods. These are the moments I loved to capture in nature, moments that would be treasured forever.

I was "conned" into the mainstream of photography. Friends were having a wedding and they would not accept my "no!" as an answer. After this first wedding I found I had the same feeling in capturing the treasured moments in peoples lives that I had when capturing magic moments in wild life. I had found my passion, I love being able to help people capture forever the best moments of their lives.

I am one of those specially blessed people who have a natural talent that fulfills my life's passion. I have a true sense of joy in photographing the "Treasured Moments" in your family's life. My motto is "Your photographer for life".  I enjoy building the relationships necessary for a photographer to be able to see the spirit of a family and capture that spirit as part of your special moments. I am here to photograph your firstborn and all of the other special events in your life.

I still have a portfolio of nature photos and scenics in my gallery. I also enjoy photographing family pets.

I am a member of PPOC Professional Photographers of Orange County and WPPI Wedding Professional Photographers International.

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Please enjoy my website; I hope you find it entertaining and informative. Please contact us if you have any questions.

- Carol Bridges


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